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Let’s hear it for oatmeal, yo. (Also: peas and sweet potatoes. Oh! And prunes. Let us not forget the prunes.)

first time in high chair

Hello, hello, Internets! Hope these past, erm, let’s-call-them “many’ months have found you well, and that 2013 is going splendidly for everybody. Wow. I’m going to have to congratulate myself this time, for though I have taken breaks from blogging here and there in the past, I’ve never treated myself to a whopping four-plus months…

Man ALIVE this blog is dusty. Someone get on that. I nominate the newborn.

Before I begin: Thank you, everyone, for the wonderful congratulatory comments and e-mails. They provided many smiles those first weeks. Hello. My name is Kate and I am a blog ignorer. (Also, I apparently make up words. It’s funner that way.) Who knew that when you went and had a second baby you’d immediately become…

And then there were two. (Alternate title: WHY DID NO ONE PROPERLY WARN ME ABOUT BOYS AND DIAPER CHANGES)

Jax at hospital

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Jax. All 8 pounds, 15 ounces of him popped into the outside world at 10:27 p.m. on July 22, right on his due date. Adam and I feel blessed beyond belief. As for Jax, well, I think we can sum things up in this way: THINGS JAX LIKES 1….

Now I’m wondering whether the blow-up doll can somehow recycle into a baby toy.

blow-up doll for bachelorette parties

I’ve been kind of swamped with our perky little business lately (holla, fellow suffering small business owners!), but I have managed to fit in some Very Important Baby Preparation Tasks (holla, 28 weeks!) in the past four days. To be precise, I have: Gone to a bachelorette party. Nothing like a bachelorette party when you’re…

Next on my hit list: The genius who coined the phrase “the birds and the bees.”

Amazing You kids

Lately, Aura has been making references to our “family of four.”  This was all adorable and good until she turned to me a couple of days ago and added, “And then we will be a family of five! And six! And seven!” Blanching with something akin to, oh, I don’t know, extreme dread, I chuckled…

Random thoughts from the ether, otherwise known as: When in doubt, mention Jon Hamm.

home volcano kit

Hello from the aforementioned ether. In this case, the ether is looking a lot like ill-fitting maternity pants, a kindergartner about to go on her first field trip ever (MYBABY), and a continuing small business that has me making up extra-lurid swear word combinations during school hours (which are getting shorter, you mark my words…

This post seemed to need a super sexy title, so I decided to go with “Dispatches from Fatty Pregnancyland.”

trans fat cake frosting yum

This past weekend, I attended the bridal shower of one of my college roommates. I was seated at table mostly filled with people I knew. At some point, the subject of possible names for our upcoming bundle of terrifying joy was broached. “Oh!” said the one woman at the table whom I didn’t know. “You’re…

Truly, you can blame Girl Scout cookies for an astounding number of things.

anti-nausea ginger gum morning sickness

So, yep. Preggers over here. First, thank you so much to everyone for the wonderful comments, e-mails, and tweets. Since we play it close to the baby-growing vest over here in the Kate-Adam household, it was really great to be able to share the news with more than my mom (eagerly poised to buy out…

So, about that thing I keep meaning to tell you.

You know what? I’ll let Aura do the honors. And here’s one from me.